Welcome to Genetic Pressure™, an open ended series of science fiction novels exploring the interaction of science and society, centered around Human Genetic Engineering (HuGE).

Baby Steps


Baby Steps starts an open ended series exploring the intersection between science and society from the perspective of two intended parents who wish to have designer babies through direct gene editing. The series continues through the perspectives of being designer babies and later the people who run the organizations that produce designer babies.


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An interview with Eugene Clark inspires this thought-provoking article published on BIGTHINK.com and written by Stephen Johnson.

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Eugene Clark is the pen name of a successful serial entrepreneur of an Internet Service Provider, a Digital Signage Company, and a Video Gaming Company. Clark is not a scientist but rather a futurist who makes predictions about the future based on observations of the present. He asks the questions, what does buying a designer baby even mean? What would a company that sold designer babies be like? What would life be like being a designer baby?

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Welcome to my HuGE blog.

Welcome to Eugene’s blog on consumer genetics, assisted reproduction technology, and human genetic engineering (HuGE). This blog will consist of my personal reviews of consumer

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