Welcome to my HuGE blog.

Welcome to Eugene’s blog on consumer genetics, assisted reproduction technology, and human genetic engineering (HuGE). This blog will consist of my personal reviews of consumer products, websites, and links to articles concerning HuGE and comments about them. Comments will be moderated. No profanity or bullying will be tolerated. That said, viewpoints ranging from “HuGE is […]

Find Out if Your Mom Was Faithful (without her permission)

Genome sequencing services. Know your code. Genome sequencing is now an affordable consumer product. 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and MyHeritage are three companies I tried among many in this competitive market. Each service involves a base payment of about $100 for a DNA analysis of self-sampled genetic material to determine your genetic inheritance, or where your ancestors […]

Russian HuGE Pioneers

Russia has some of the most open laws regarding assisted reproduction. The country allows commercial surrogacy, PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis, used in IVF to identify genetic defects in embryos), dual donor IVF, and single/gay/unmarried intended parents. Full package services run about $70,000 USD. Other countries do not allow some, part or all of the above […]

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