Genetics and Reproduction Websites

Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology

This is a good site for being cautious about marketing claims of IVF centers.

The book starts in 2020. Max’s experience with sperm selected ICSI occurs in 2040. PGD, polar bodies, and gene mapping sperm are near term methods of health screened embryos.

This news site has more up to date information on assisted reproduction tourism and discussion about it. If you are thinking about IVF and surrogacy you can find better cost, service, and information on various legal hurdles.

National Institute of Health Genetic Home Reference

Their section on Health Conditions provides a very long list of genetic diseases or disorders along with the associated name of the gene involved. Better Genetics Corporation summarizes these diseases as “eye-related diseases” or uses more common or well-known disease names (e.g. osteoarthritis).

Gene Reviews

More detail on genetic problems.

DNA Submission

Consumer Genetics Testing

Websites that cover CRISPR-Cas9

These organizations are pursuing commercialization of CRISPR-Cas9 technology.

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