Welcome to my HuGE blog.

Welcome to Eugene’s blog on consumer genetics, assisted reproduction technology, and human genetic engineering (HuGE).

This blog will consist of my personal reviews of consumer products, websites, and links to articles concerning HuGE and comments about them. Comments will be moderated. No profanity or bullying will be tolerated. That said, viewpoints ranging from “HuGE is a pipe dream to inevitable.” And from “A curse from Satan to a blessing from God,” will be tolerated. Like Rachael and her daughter, Esther, I ask you to practice kindness whenever possible, and it IS always possible.

My first review will be of three of the ancestor and genetic relative search services. I intend on later reviews of genetic traits analysis services, websites that review the IVF Tourism industry, and will entertain discussions about privacy, laws, concerns about eugenics, the issue of inheritance, insurance company access to genetics, CRISPR-Cas9 technology, etc.

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